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7 Apr 2014
We need our senior medical officers (SMOs) in our public health system, we need their specialist skills and knowledge to train our future Doctors. Our patients need them in order to receive the best possible […]  Read more »
My father is quite ill with a condition that will eventually kill him, he is on borrowed time. Several times in 2013 he was admitted into the public hospital system and the outlook was not […]  Read more »
I was outraged when I heard Campbell Newman say he could replace our doctors with doctors from overseas. Insult to injury to our hardworking Qld doctors AND, a recipe for more J Patel incidents – […]  Read more »
7 Apr 2014
I want doctors to make my children’s medical treatment decisions based on best medical practices of the day and not based on some half-whit, morally corrupt, politicians political ideology. Alan  Read more »
Like most children, I had the usual illnesses, chicken pox, measles, mumps, German measles. However the very worst, which I still remember for its severity and pain, over fifty years later, was scarlet fever. I […]  Read more »
I am an Allied Health professional who worked at the Townsville Teaching Hospital when I left university. All of the team I worked with were exceedingly professional, wonderful with patients, and dedicated to the best […]  Read more »
7 Apr 2014
I work in hepatology at the RBWH. I couldn’t hope to work with a more caring or dedicated team of specialist physicians and to say this is just about money is a total misrepresentation of […]  Read more »
Here’s to Newman and Springborg who were very much on my mind Friday night. They were on my minds because I spent most of the evening in the Emergency Dept at Cairns Hospital. My husband […]  Read more »
Letter of support to medical staff: I am a member of the public who uses the state governments public hospital services, including specialist services. I remember the recent times where a lack of adequate medical […]  Read more »
7 Apr 2014
Ghandi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Indeed, this is a quote by which our senior QLD doctors live by, promoting the wellbeing of patients […]  Read more »