18 Sep 2014
The new contracts for the state’s SMOs and VMOs took effect, for those who signed them, at the beginning of this month.  Read more »
Voting on the members of the Contract Advisory Committee or ‘CAC’ will begin on September 8, 2014.   Read more »
2 Jun 2014
Ch7: The deadline for Queensland doctors to sign new employment contracts is almost up, but there are still potential problems. Geoff Breusch reports.  Read more »
A guide for SMOs to assist in contract negotiation and to support collective activity in their HHS or department. This guide should also be used by VMOs. If you have any questions, contact your union. […]  Read more »
The state’s doctors have very cautiously voted to accept the Government’s improved contracts and have vowed to continue fighting for the rights of Queensland patients.  Read more »
See the latest information of the SMO and VMO contracts by clicking here. If you’re an ASMOFQ SMO or VMO member, make sure you vote in the ballot which was emailed t you at 12.01am […]  Read more »
Doctors who are members of the Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation will have received a ballot email asking you to indicate, among other things, whether you are willing to sign the contracts in their latest […]  Read more »
15 April, 2014: Negotiations between doctors and the Government have resulted in an in-principle agreement on the current contracts issue that the state’s doctors will have the opportunity to vote on in the coming weeks.  Read more »
You may have seen an email from the Director-General this morning about the upcoming negotiations.  Read more »
Doctors representatives will meet with the State Government over the coming days in an attempt to reach an agreement that puts the needs of Queenslanders first.   Read more »